Monday, July 03, 2017

Keewatin ON

OMGG OMGG OMGG!!!!!!  This B&B and lake is to die for!!!!  And we just arrived!!!  We have maybe two days yet.

Awesome late afternoon walk on part of the Tunnels Trail.  I'm zonked and was very hungry when we finally go back.  BBQd chicken souvlaki, stir fried mixed veggies and potato salad - YUMMMMMMYYYY!!!!!!!  Fresh cherries too!

The girls are down on the dock waiting for sunset pictures but we were chilled so came in.  I've some pictures from the girls coming that I'll post yet - forgot my camera on the walk.  Will remember for tomorrow's ling hike with promised swim at some spot and picnic lunch.

The girls took pictures as I forgot my camera - duh me!  So more to come for today's adventure.

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