Friday, July 28, 2017

First morning with the dogs!

Well it was a 5:30am nature call and then all three went back to bed till about 6:45 when they all started barking at those who dared walked their dogs by etc.  Didn't they know it's the crew's property and no one else to trespass?  Yeah that was it for my sleep in and time to feed the crew.  Once fed outside again briefly then they napped.  Well so did I till 10ish on the recliner.  LOL!!!

Then off I went to meet with Nestor who retired from work years before me but always meet up whenever I'm in the Regent Lag area.  This time I called and we had lunch at Fionn MacCools and I had the awesome Flying Pig chicken burger again - awesome it sure is!  But I removed the bun and all but a couple crosshatch chips and ordered a garden salad with beets and citrus vinegarette instead of fries.  YUMMY!!!  See Dianne Urquhart I behaved but still enjoyed that loaded burger!  Oh and that was Nestor's first time there and he too enjoyed his loaded bacon beef burger and fries.  It was a nice trip down memory lane plus he too walks like 15 plus Kms daily and I said I might join him an odd time or two to supplement whenever I've no walking plans.  Be nice to have a tour guide for this Concordia Regent area.

When I got back out they went and I quickly vacuumed as there's hair all over.  When I first pulled out the machine the pups were jumping at the door to be let in.  When I started it up they turned tail for the back of the yard.  Funny!!!!  Guess they to don't like that noisy machine that might attack them?

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