Saturday, July 22, 2017

Keystones Quilts Retreat - Day 2

OK gambling and sewing and a bit of walking fun today!  And Florence and Wayne stopped in for supper and visited a bit too.  But for supper we had saulted zucchini, eggplant and red peppers and I HATED IT!  I ate all except the eggplant - Linda wanted a picture of my expression on how I liked the eggplant.  She got it alright - flying eggplant at her head!!!!  🤣  Pickles and salmon were awesomest!

Working on my retreat bag up to the zipper step where I'm at a stand still as I've a 2" too short of a zipper!  BOO HOO HOO!  Thank you Linda for the picture.

And this I have to make some day.  Useful and elegant too.

Plus I need to find these lockable cases someone bought from the Bargain Centre  (at The Pas - hopefully they are in our stores too) for my sewing threads and notions!

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