Saturday, July 01, 2017

Feeling Thankful!

For my friends and family that's for sure!  I'm spoiled in many ways with food!  Mostly it's family that treats me with my favourite foods.  Today it was my girlfriend!  A while back she asked me to sew her a cushion cover for the stool her hubby built - she offered a BBQ lamb dinner!  I wasn't refusing - they both are great cooks!!!

Well it started off with a Caesar and veggies with humus dip and checking out her yard.  Then the roast was prepared and resting while the rosemary potatoes and veggie kebobs grilled.  Then the awesome meal began with white wine!  I could not help it and had a second serving of lamb and salad.   Bruce overindulged and both of us refused dessert at that time.  After a good long rest we did enjoyed the strawberry shortcake but passed on the coffee.  I was so stuffed I felt like I should roll out to my car!!!!





Thank you Angela! 

You deserve that martini girl!

And a fire too!

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