Friday, July 07, 2017

July 4th - Keewatin - cont'd 2

OK after a veggie hummus n bouratz cheese n crackers snack the sun came out a heated up about 4ish and I challenged myself to paddle board for the first time.  I fell off before even starting off and that's with Edna's help.  BUT I DID IT - shaking but didn't wipe out.  Just sat down and slowly got up again and headed back to shore.  My legs are still JELLO!!!

OK this isn't too bad as we've food on the BBQ prepared by lamplight.  Sockeye salmon with lemons and asparagus in foil.  Stirfry veggies with added asparagus grape tomatoes zucchini and brown mushrooms.  And sweet potato fries.  All BBQing.  And dining inside with candlelight.   Oh and BBQd Smores for dessert.  What a heck of a STORM out there!!!!  Hmmm how to get the food now???

Like two hours after the drenching Tstorm Janice and Loralie are out on the calm lake in the canoe while Edna and I are on the lake deck reading.   It's so peaceful here.  I gotta come back again!

What a beautiful day even with TWO Tstorms,  couple of falls and burning my fingers to the BBQ pan.  Awesome natural beauty and friendships!  Lots to be thankful for!  Wonder what tomorrow will bring in Rushing River's playground!

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