Friday, August 26, 2011

Debbie's DYOB 3 Block is Here

Yes I've just received today my swap block from Debbie H and it is another soft tone-on-tone crazy quilted block and embellishing.  Something I don't seem to achieve - most of mine are bold and colourful!!!  I'm going to have to sneak a page from these girls colour schemes and give a try one of these days!  All I can say is next to my own block for each DYOB it's going to be neato seeing them the softer tones and different embellishing styles. What a lovely learning experience.
Rose Anne's swapped block - sent to Margreet

Debbie H's swapped block - sent to MOI!

Lovely presentation!

Top Left

Top Right

Bottom Right

Bottom Left

Do you see the three embroidered insects?  No, well check out the heart clockwise:  12:00 noon;  2:00 pm and then 7:00 pm!  Aren't they just sweet!!!  I especially love the beetle at the bottom!  Thank you very very much Debbie for the lovely block.


MosaicMagpie said...

I am delighted the block arrived safely. I must admit I was sad to see it leave, so much of my heart went into creating it! I see the block has found a good home where it will be loved.

Rose Anne B said...

Ohhhhh yes Debbie, no fear there, and today it went to Lace Meeting with me for show and tell and EVERYONE complemented you on an awesome block and also loved the presentation as I did too. They said I was one lucky gal to receive such a gift of love!!!

I can tell you that one day I hope to have "5" sets of DYOBs and stitch them into a "table topper" fabric book and even going to type up a story of the various ones and how Margreet does the songs each stitch etc and print that onto fabric! I've plans now just to survive three more DYOBs and get to work on a fabric book.