Sunday, August 28, 2011

Saga Continues

Yep I'm still house/pet sitting but just started the second home which does not come with maid service but still just as likeable and easy to care for as the other home.  I dropped over to Lexi's house to pick up the odds n ends I left behind and to drop off their keys and the owners were very happy with the house and their pets.  Well Lexi just tried to crawl all over me she was excited to see me - Simba well needless to say not interested at that time.  I'll miss them but also glad those walking marathons are over as Lexi knows only "fast" speed and for 20-30 minutes that was a might too much for my aching knees.  LOL!

Well I'm in a more relax environment now as both Lilla and Molly have to inspect each tree to the ninth degree before you dare move them on for their walk around the long block - yeppers that's all you get to go but that in itself takes just about 20 minutes or longer depending on their moods.  LOL!  Mucho easier on my knees and only once a day, otherwise breaks into the back yard.

I've naturally got my stitching with me so will keep you posted as I have something to show.

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