Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Some Good News!

OK August started off with my girlfriend "gifting" me a vintage electric sewing machine, to her selling me her widescreen HP laptop with wireless router and SlingBox (still not sure about this baby) for a good deal. So now when my sewing room is all sorted out and I'm in there for any length of time I can just swing the chair over and check my emails!!!  YEAH!!!  But better yet I'm using it with cable at the house sitting instead of up and down the basement stairs to the computer desk!!!  This way the pets are on the main floor too and I get to listen to the music too!

Then last week I had a "delimma" to sort through and today I've made my decision.  Sylvia and Len are shopping for a new vehicle and from past experience they are not bothering to trade in their vehicle.  So I was asked if I wanted it as it still is in good shape and well looked after.  I checked what insurance etc might cost compared to my old bomb (which needs some much needed repairs soon and tires) and decided I'll buy their Montana van (smaller sized) off them and with some more determined spending controls it should not be a problem.  Plus I'll have a vehicle that works properly and as Florence says "YEAH finally a car that all the doors and wipers work"; plus cruise and AC and power locks n windows!!!   So as soon as they purchase something then I'll be doing the switcherooie!!!

Then while chatting with Sylvia about the van she also gave me some more good news!!!  WOW no wonder my insides have been jittery!!!  Well she'd been for a checkup on her broken leg and was told it is finally healing and that she can now walk with that boot cast instead of hobbling with the walker or using the wheel chair.  YEAH!!!  So our fall quilting retreat will be a lot easier I hope for her to attend - OH YEAH she is definitely looking forward to it and has even been doing some quilting at home.  Finally she's feeling better and definitely looking more healthy too!!!  Now just to get Len on the road to better health and mobility!!!

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