Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Day 4 - Creative Challenge

Day 4 - Creative Challenge - here's an exert from my March 4, 2012 blog post.

"Now I think I mentioned that my postcards will be featured in CQA "The Canadian Quilter", Spring 2012 edition, and now I have the living proof on page 26 and top of 27.  YAHOOIE!!!  I'm impressed and very pleased with the layout.  There are two postcards that really inspired me to try harder in this endeavour and I'm sorry they did not publish the artists' names, but you'll know who you are when you see it!  One day I'll scan it and blog the articles........"

Here's an example of some of my possible 400 postcards made and received in swaps over a number of years.

Today I nominate Margreet De Reus to post something creative each day for 7 days and nominate someone each day as well.

My featured postcard - Winter.

Two fabric artists that inspired me.

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