Wednesday, March 29, 2017

For once the dogs woke me at 7:45 - usually I'm waking them later than that.  So I was thrown off and after their breakfast, my shower and breakfast I was relaxing with them in my lap when my phone rang.

Here I missed my hair appointment at 10 but she fit me in 3:15 (I felt horrible as I was ready at 9:30) so I continued to veg with the girls till I headed home to meet my niece for lunch, check mail and then back to medicate Sadie and then walk and foot bath both before getting my hair cut.

I'm still thrown off kilter and came down to watch some TV only to find both girls eyeing me from the top!!!  Yeppers they were telling me I forgot to feed them - SHEESH - honest this is ONE bad day for me.  LOL!!!  Good thing they set me straight.

Ohhhh I've nicknamed the girls "Princess" who does not want to get wet if at all possible and "Tomboy" who hits every second puddle and rolls around to boot  -  I think you know which is which!!!

AND FB had an app or whatever that creates an 'artistic rendition' of your own portrait.   Well I'm totally impressed!!!

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