Saturday, March 04, 2017

Day 7 - Creative Challenge

And sadly 😞 the last one for me.  What a job searching for the pictures of what I wanted to show but yet lots of joy and feeling of achievement on creativity I've tried.  Oh there's lots I've not covered but you get the drift!  Gotta keep my hands busy.

So today I'm going to show you some of my paintings - all achieved with the assistance of my sister Sylvia, a master of whatever she attempts!  The first pair of oil paintings were a gift for Yvonne Zirnhelt when she moved away to Toronto and I can't seem to find those pictures.  I did two small water colour paintings and that is not to my liking.  Also of the three quilts I personally have for my bed depending on the weather.

Today I nominate Jody Lund to post something creative each day for seven 7⃣ days and nominate someone each day as well.

This has two 5x7 inch paintings of flying seagulls as mates.

Sun painting on fabric - lots of small pieces to pin down securely.

The unveiling - I was totally in awe!!!

I still need to embellish and finish off to display.

My very first quilt for myself sewn at Western Retreat mystery project by Verona Procyshyn - quilted by Irene Johnson.

Aurora quilters comfort quilt for me on my Dad's passing - quilted by Audrey Gate.

My door draw prize from the Christchurch quilt show I attended while visiting w Sandra Holden in NZ 2015.

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