Thursday, March 02, 2017

Day 5 - Creative Challenge

Well over the years I've assisted in making blocks and some with assembling the tops of comfort quilts for fellow quilters for various reasons along with stitching blocks to whole quilt tops to even a complete quilt all by myself for charity donation purposes.   Also one as a gift.  Here are just a few I've picked out.

Today I nominate Dorothy Matheson to post something creative each day for seven days and nominate someone each day as well.

Above is front and back of the donation quilt for Fort McMurray fire evacuee.

Scrappy quilt top from swapped 6.5 in charms.

Scrappy quilt top also from swapped 6.5 in charms - long arm quilted for me.

Comfort quilt for Martin Olafson (now deceased) - front and back made by members of Aurora Quilters.

Retirement gift for coworker Lorne Martin (now deceased).

Donation for a fundraiser event.

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