Monday, March 19, 2007

More Postcards

Okay, finally I've completed the remaining five birthday postcards for the Fibreartpostcard Yahoo group - this was a whole one year commitment and I found it a might too much for my helter skelter "life". The following will be mailed out tomorrow - just before the deadline!!!

As you can see the design for all cards were the same, just the colours, trims, and embellishments varied - no two cards are the same either.

Now this one is an extra sent just because to another group. The star is a free hanging one from underneath the rickrack and held in place with slip stitches while in transit only - they can be removed once received. I had sent other such charms with other crazy patch cards and did the same just to keep them flat while sent either "naked" or inside the clear envelopes.

Now back to the drawing/stitching mode as I have three more groups of postcards to be prepared and mailed by the first week in April!!! YIKES why do I do this to myself!! Granted I LOVE making my postcards, I just wish I could "let go" and simplify them some but that's just not me!!! Oh well guess I'll just have to watch as to how many I actually sign up for in the future.


Lynn E said...

Hey Rose Ann I love the hearts. We will have to get together so you can show me some stiches. I have'nt done needlework for about 16 years. About the time I went all out crazy with quilting.

Jo in NZ said...

Rose Anne, your postcards are great!

Bobbie B said...

Rose Anne, I just love the "just because" PC Thankyou so much, it certainly lifted me up from the dull spot I have been in for a couple of days.. Hugs to you from me xxx