Friday, March 02, 2007

Time to Sew!

Well I've been busy in the evenings (gotten a break this past few weeks from my part time job) and stitching up a storm (much to the dismay of my kitchen) and thoroughly enjoying it. Guess I'll be able to clear up some of these WISP's (UFOs to some of you) when I give up that part time job end of April - at least I hope I'll do so! Then I was called into work last night and boy was that feeling emphasized all over again. When I got home I was exhausted (fell asleep on the transit bus again too) so I just checked my emails and then went to bed early (at least for me) and slept like a log till this morning.

I'm having a ball stitching up my Hardanger mini pieces and love the effects on the various sample fabric pieces that I received from my needleworks shop last year. I can't wait till this weekend when I can finish them off and take my pics to show you all. Some of the gals on my stitchery groups are waiting patiently too but I can tell you this does not go as fast as the stitching of blocks in quilting!!! It is definitely a pleasure to have the various hobbies I do have as when I'm kinda in a funk with one I can pick up another and get all enthused once again and then go back and I'm all gung ho once more! LOL! Guess Amanda (my great/grand niece) is correct that I'm just "a kid at heart" with a short attention span for one thing - one of the nicer things she's said about me. LOL!

Well my co-worker is off tomorrow morning for Mexico for a week and she pulled up online the all inclusive resort she's staying at and WOW WOW WOW I wanna go tooooo! There was one more opening and a lot cheaper than they paid but I think this place would NIX that idea fast - no way would they let the two of us go for the same length of time! LOL! Actually after a rather rough day in the office today I asked my Manager if I can snap up that last spot and join Shauna! Tongue in cheek, but he actually thought about it and said maybe something could be figured out if I really wanted to - WHAT - YEAH RIGHT, I've no passport and no money so forget that snap idea! ROFLOL!

Wonder what kind of trouble I'll get into having this evening and all of Saturday off from the part time job - better get my stitching out for sure eh!

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