Sunday, March 11, 2007

A Mixed up Weekend

Well I was not that great yesterday and can't tell what is wrong so maybe it's just a blah mood!But I did do a bit of sewing Sat. morning and then walked (lovely outside if you forget about the slush) about 8-10 blocks to Dominion News and picked up two quilting mags for my swap partners (yep a might slow I am but they are going out XP so will make it for Friday - at least it won't be tempting you to open it early!!!) and then back to catch the bus to work.

Well I'm waiting at the bus stop and see everyone walking around with Tim Horton's coffee cups and getting royally ticked cause I want a coffee. I'm looking around for the Tim's signs like upwards and ZIPPO so I walk to the corner to see if it's around the corner - NOPE - so turn around to come back and smack dab in front of my nose - the building beside the bus stop - is two doors with Tim Horton's signs in the middle - DUH!!!!! I check the schedule and still have time so zip in and get my French Vanilla coffee, come out and relax sipping my coffee on the ride there.

When I got to work my Manager tells me there's a package in the back for me - Oh No not a coffee ! See the other night she was picking me up one but there wasn't French Vanilla in the Mall, so I thought she'd picked one up on the way for me today! Nope she says, so off I go to the back to get my coat off and shoes changed and there's a rose and mini carnation stems wrapped to go for Karen and I - naturally tears start and when she comes through the doors I hug and thank her - a Just Because gift! I know it's not much, but she still did not have to do it and the gesture was much appreciated. She said she thought the two of us were kinda down lately and needed cheering up! WOW!
Then later in the day she mentions I'm too quiet and that's when I tell her I don't think I'm 100% and not sure why - said she could tell too! Yep, that's what the office co-workers have said for years, when Rose Anne's quiet enjoy it, it won't last!!!! ROFLOL! Then her hubby picks her up and also gives me a ride all the way home - definitely way way way out of their way and he was surprised how far away I lived!
So I watched my hockey and got to work on my sewing and finished off the Kleenex box covers that my sister helped me zip up when I last visited and now I've done these on my own. But I messed up on the second last step (nothing written down) so I cheated and did some hand stitching and worked well. Then I again walked to the Tim Horton's (missed my local bus) and got coffee and muffin before catching the other bus to work again today. This time Karen's hubby picked her up and also gave me a ride home but at least they are just across the river from me. WOW twice this weekend I've escaped the drag em out bus trips home!

So guess I'll get back to my Hardanger class homework and watch the curling finals and hope there's a hockey game on later on too!

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