Saturday, March 03, 2007

What a RUSH!

WOW considering I had such a LOUSY work day I can tell you that TODAY I FEEL GREAT!!!!! You know like the bellow from Tony the Tiger???? Gosh guess that glass of wine last evening did the trick (or maybe it was the migraine meds in the afternoon finally kicking in)!!!

Anyways I'm just about finished my third mini Hardanger piece and I want to make up three more so halfway stitched and then all the playing around with it. I also machine stitched on my Ravenesque Challenge and today I've completed "both" - yep two for someone who has a hard time understanding the concept of a journal quilt - and even have labels on them.

OHHHH and I must say thank you to all who demoed the fast and foolproof way of ending a binding!!! Yep it has finally sunk in and in about a half hour I had both bindings stitched and clipped ready for hand stitching in place. Well that's my next job along with finishing off the Hardanger piece and I've a "teacup" postcard "commissioned" to finish off now that I've gotten more of the teaspoons from Mrs. Twitchett's Eye recently. So yep I's a stitching up a storm today - hopefully not weather wise - we've had enough snow dumps!

Guess tomorrow before and after my stint at the part time job I'll try and work on some kleenex box covers that Sylvia figured out from the design of a gift bought in the Far East - just lovely it is and now that I've made a couple not so hard to do without instructions - ROFLOL!

Okay I'm off and back to stitching again. Hope you all are having a good day and maybe stitching too!!!

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Quilting Diva said...

Oh shuddup about your bindings will ya - smurk -