Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A Bargain!

Look what I bought at Valu Village last night for $0.99 - my postcard stand and it sits on my desk at work. I also bought 8 pkgs of various rhinestone buttons (16 pieces) for $3.98 and two crocheted doilies for $0.99 each both for my crazy patch works and just for me - three paperbacks for $0.99. WOW what a steal! There is another different stand there and I might pick it up next Tuesday if it is still there.
I had to kill time before my Hardanger class and it was well worth it.
I had a very nice evening as there are only two of us in the class, so undivided attention! I sort of broke my pattern and chose a Waterlilies that has some coral/pink in it so now anxious to see what Mrs. T's "Old Country" turns out to be. The other student (see I forgot her name and did not write it down on my notes) is more knowledgeable than I am and even helped me a couple of times along with Carolyn and both complimented me on my mini Hardangers (bought some more 32 ct so will be able to continue making more) and postcards. But gosh talk about a tonne of homework (bringing it into work with me to stitch on breaks again) - don't know when I'll get this done and other projects and work on cleaning my apartment in case my niece moves in for the summer - where I don't know!!!!!!


NormaH said...

What a neat way to display your postcards. You're quite a bargain shopper!

Ribbonwiz said...

Great way to display your postcards.
And what a great just had to have it!

Faye Dianne said...

Great find, Rose Anne. I bet you wish there were more there.
cheers - Faye