Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Sheesh, it's a good thing it's not Halloween or my over imaginative mind would be driving me bonkers with this HOWLING - like about most of the day already!!! Even at Mrs. Twitchett's Eye the shop's front door kept opening and closing driving me crazy and looking to see who's coming and Carolyn sitting there not even phased!!! LOL!

I can tell you that when I left work the wind was so strong that it slammed into my back just about went sailing on the icy patch - my hood came up and over my head and down over my eyes and I thought I was going to be a gonner in the rush hour traffic. Well I made it home safely and then to my class tonight too. On the way home I gave up waiting for the bus and just let the wind push me to the next stop (some badly needed exercise) but shoot it was so strong that it was kinda treacherous in the dark and over the icy patches. Somehow and I don't know how but I stayed upright! Good thing my parka had a hood with those toggle thingies to keep it in place as I sure needed it.

Can't wait now for the sunshine and warmer temps to met all this ice away! I LOVE winter but this stuff no siree!!!

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