Monday, March 05, 2007

I'm SO Excited!!!!

Well here is my completed "Tea Time" postcard - yeah I know it has two cups and two spoons whereas those I swapped with only got one of each! Sorry but thems the breaks!!!

I'm also so excited!!!! I SOLD my first postcard for today!!!!!!

Some time ago a co-worker asked for the teacup postcard and she thought she'd like the blue background.
Well it's not as nice as the rich wine ones that I did - so she asked for the wine instead. I don't mind as I'm sure someone will want that or I could use it as a "Cheer up" card sometimes.
Well I finally finished the wine one (had to wait to buy more spoons) along with my own postcard too. I finished her's off with a hanger and 2.5 X 4" cardstock ribbon edged back with my "Expressions from Rose Anne" stamp, the card number and the date. Shoot I didn't take a picture of it BUT my co-worker very kindly did for me.

Do any of you have other ideas of how I could do a better back with a hanger? Please post to the postcard group if you do or leave me a comment and I'll forward it to the groups. Thank you.


crazyQstitcher said...

I like both the red and blue postcards. Congratulations on selling your first of them. I hope you sell many more. They are so good.

NormaH said...

Love your postcards, Rose Anne. One of these days I'll try some as I know they aren't difficult but right now my plate is just too full!