Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I'm Tickled Pink!

Nah, I'm not into pink so don'tcha worry none! I'm still an earthy jewel tone colour gal! LOL!

BUT I'm "tickled pick" with feeling good at my accomplishments! See I picked up on Saturday a booklet with smaller "greeting card" sized Hardanger patterns "Greeting in Hardanger Embroidery" designs by Nordic Needle Staff and compiled by Susan L. Meier and rosalyn K. Watnemo and I started one (#11) the other day and just LOVE it. I hope I can pull off what I'm thinking cause I think it will be just BEAUTIFUL!!! Yep, I'm so excited I'm itching to tell, but yet don't want to cause I want it a surprise - SHEEEEEEESH make up your mind girl! ROFLOL! Well I've just completed one and I really do LOVE it!!!!!

Well my caretaker had called last night to tell me I had "TWO" parcels to pick up! Yep one was my WR Quilt Day parcel that I drew a total blank on why and from whom. The second from a friend in BC who I do private swaps with and chit chat regularly too. I was very thankful too that Betty had taken these in as they were a fair size and one heavy too!

Anyways, she was telling me how she laughed when receiving the parcels from the Postman and commented "What someone is sending Rose Anne a chicken!" - hmmm I was stumped! Well there she was carrying towards me in the crook of her arm this XP parcel and it LOOKED in the shape of a ready to cook chicken - I just laughed - I should have taken a picture of it before opening - SHOOT! Well Jeni dear, one of my Cdn crazy patch angels, had sent me bits and pieces of VELVETS and other and I mean OTHER fancies along with some trims too from her stash! WOW it felt like Christmas all over again!

I really think I'm loosing my mind!!!!

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