Thursday, February 08, 2007

New Postcards!

Oh boy I've been playing catchup and kinda succeeding too! There are three of the lastest ones I've completed and still one more set and then I'll be up to schedule finally, that is until I am tempted with interesting topics and go and sign up with too many swaps too close together again!
Here are a couple of the original "Tea Time" for FAPC group but I angled the shot and I think it gives a better image from the others I took and posted earlier.

Then a co-worker wanted one in wedgewood blue but you know I don't care for it and she's kinda iffy so I'm making another like the first set for her. This one maybe someone will want to buy it or I just might need it just because!

Then this one is part of the "Embellish It" from the PC Cottage group and another lesson learned here too! Ensure your image is 3 X 5 to allow for the 4 X 6 PC with finished edges!!! This one using my Oriental fabrics also is embellished with Boa yarn topped with gold metallic zigzag and each fan piece is edged with an awesome gold embellished ribbon yarn zigzagged in place. Then wherever I've stitched yellow/sand seed beads for further embellishments and the base is trimmed with cotton eyelet lace.

AND this baby is my pride and joy that I rummaged around in my frame supplies and found this beauty. I laid the "Winter White" PC ontop of black velvet and then framed it with the double matts of burgandy and the dark green then the glass with metal clips to hold in place. This one is sitting on a Dollar Store black lacquered metal easel and in my bookshelf on my desk. Now talk about reusing or recycling frames that others were either getting rid of at a garage sale or shipping off to the second hand stores. I've a few here that I'm keeping for my special quilted projects.

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