Friday, February 09, 2007

It's COLD!!!

SHEESH it was -32C for temps at 7:00 am and with the wind about -45C!!!! HUHHH, we've not had temps like this for a few years so basically very uninitiated to what our Manitoba winters are like per see! I just can't believe the number of young and "older" (that should know better) that are out in skimpy open to the breastbone jackets AND their shirts too with no scarf, hat, mitts and walking in those basic runners (no padding type) or leather shoes out in this!!!

I'm bundled from head to toe and probably could walk all the way home more comfortable than being on these hot transit buses (drivers in shirts only so gotta have the heat on ya know - meanwhile you've gotta strip and where on a packed bus) except that at 9:30 pm I don't relish walking through the industrial area or through the downtown either. Plus it probably would take me 1-2 hours to walk and the bus ride is 45 minutes. Well I still haven't taken a picture of what I look like but some of the "younger set a shivering away" at the bus stops break out in laughter when they see me coming, but heck I've icicles hanging from my eyelashes and eyebrows and some stuck to my headband too - but I'm not cold. Like what do they think "it's summer out there" - heck I've already osteoarthritis in my joints and I didn't dress for "style" back in my early years either - didn't dare with the parents I had/have - and I have way lot less of a distance to walk than I did then too! LOL!

Okay enough verbage here. Guess back to some stitching etc.

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