Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Moving Update

Well I'm sitting here close to tears and wondering what the HELL possessed me to do this move!

See the painters have been in that suite for two days and two primer coats and they still have not covered the previous colours and the door frames are messed up too.  NOR has the apartment been cleaned at all - it's a mess - the only thing done was the bathroom floor scrubbed.  AND not only that but the huge living room windows are installed incorrectly and not closing properly so the window cleaners have to be called in to set that right.  When I checked out the apartment, Lilian did tell me that the apt drapes were in the closet, but dang you should see the state of them - bedroom ones were washed and in horrible state.  OH and it's a good thing the kitchen floor is being replaced as it's lifting up and close to the doorway.  I hate to see what condition the locker is in after seeing what the cupboards in the suite are like.

I think if it's not looked after I'll have to call for some cleaners to come in and scrub the place before Monday!!!  I know someone who does this as a job so will have to give her a call and see what she'd charge and if she can do it by Saturday.  I know I don't have it in me to do both apartments.

I PRAY that I can somehow manage to have a presentable apartment to move into over the weekend.  I should have taken my camera up, I didn't even measure anything, just didn't have the heart to do anything as it is.  I did email the Landlord and tell him I'm not happy especially since I had paid for both suites for October and I can't even move boxes into that suite as yet.

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Jane McLellan said...

Oh dear me. Moving is never easy and you sound as though you have your hands full. I hope you get it all sorted out by the weekend so you can move on with life.