Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Moving Update

SHEESH when is this move ever going to end???  I still have to do a thorough cleaning of my old apartment and here I'm not totally out of it.  Today I brought up another three loads on the dolly and brought bedroom items to the living room for tomorrow's hauling up.  Then I took down the caretaker washed living room drapes and hung the brand spanking new ones up and took those older ones into the bedroom for a fuller coverage and hopefully less light coming in from the street lamps and sunrises!!!  I KNOW my ankles and knees do not like step ladders - LOL!

Now I'm back to working OT each evening and totally drained by 9:30 so this will be short so I can put my feet up.  Since the beginning of September when I started the purging, then the packing and now the moving and cleaning, I've dropped a good 10 pounds and I'm still not finished the work - one more week to go!!!

I'm thinking by the weekend I'll be cleared out, then the cleaning!!!  UGH!  I'm not moving again - and who knows maybe will recheck and downsize more yet!!!

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