Monday, October 08, 2012

Moving - Sunday - Day # 2

OK I've decided I just DO NOT like this work work work business involved with moving!!!  Today I had a sluggish morning after yesterday's busyness and it was after lunch before I started serious stuff.  First off I armed myself with steel wool and a screwdriver and checked the new apartment for any holes.  I don't think there are any per se but one was a bit loose so I just packed it solid just in case (oops I forgot to check behind the stove and fridge - tomorrow I guess).  Then I took up a couple of loads and set up some things then came downstairs and seriously started packing up so the furniture could be moved.  Now there definitely is no room to move around in the living room nor kitchen.  I packed up a box of jars for my sisters as they still do their own preserves and a box of cookbooks etc for a friend's daughter plus another box for the Church's garage sale (will drop that off Tuesday).  I only have the one end table that I sit near to pack up and then I think that's it for Monday's move.  

Then after I get some semblance of order upstairs and the floor installed I can maybe work on moving my bathroom and kitchen upstairs and put away.  I only have one week or so to somehow unpack the important stuff and then come and clean out the old suit before I head off for a much deserved quilt retreat end of the month.  The rest of the boxes will just have to wait - I need to escape and be catered to for a few days!!!

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