Friday, October 12, 2012

Moving Update

Yeppers I'm still not all moved in but hopefully this weekend, except for the ceiling fans which my nephew will come next week to do, I should have all my "stuff" in my new apartment - maybe not put away - but all under one roof so to speak.  It was funny yesterday as I cooked myself supper but had no utensils - they were downstairs - GRRR!!!

Anyways I came home today to find my new bathroom and kitchen flooring was installed and I just LOVE IT!!!  I told Betty that it was probably what I would have chosen if I had the option.  Yep I walked through the door and just smiled - and even after setting up my 1970's table and chairs it's still LOVELY!  So here are the before and after pictures.
Old flooring - lifting up in places
LOVELY new flooring

Mucho better than the turquoise 1" tiles


Jane Eborall said...

Won't it be great when you can finally put your feet up and say to yourself - 'I've finished'? The new flooring looks great.

Judy said...

Catching up on all the moving!! You are so lucky that you have this long period of overlap, and can move in a "leisurely" manner!! The view looks good, too!!