Thursday, December 20, 2012

ABC Nickel Charity Quilt Challenge

In the fall of 2011 Sue B brainstormed an awesome quilt challenge for our MPQ quild to bring in some adult sized charity quilts this past month, as our guild is awesome with smaller quilt donations!!!  So thank you Sue as I've enjoyed this first project and have now signed up for the next one too (well this time there are THREE sets of 10 each - WOW!!!).

So basically there were twelve of us and we had to cut up I think 12 FQs into 12 - 5 inch scrappy squares (called Nickel charms) - one of each in the twelve baggies.  Then Sue sorted them out and we all got an assortment of charms/baggies back and then it was pulling out the scrappy quilt books and the thinking caps and you had to come up with a twin sized quilt top.  Now some did their own quilting but I don't have the expertise nor the inclination for this size to battle on a regular sewing machine so Sue B very kindly donated her time to quilt some of these ABC charity quilts for us.  Now both my sister Sylvia and myself had lots of leftover charms after out tops were sewn up, so Sylvia managed to stitch up a second quilt (she did her own quilting) in time for handing in and I will stitch up a second top and Sylvia will quilt that one for me some times next year for the ABC project too.

A very warm thank you and hand clapping back slapping goes out to Sue B, Liz M and Wendy R for the three of them put together an awesome Christmas Card greeting and thank you card for us participants along with a slide show of the quilts.  See many of us were up there holding these quilts for others to see so we did not get to see them on parade, just glimpses when they were folded up and handed over to Kenna Ann for the ABC program.  Sorry no slide show but here are the quilts and again sorry as I don't know who's were who's!

1st two are Sylvia's, last one mine!

Middle - mine - HST madness for me!

An AWESOME gift for whomever!!!  Congratuations Nickel Challenge Quilters!!!


Judy said...

Considering you all started with the same blocks, there is a huge variety!!

Joy said...

They all look fantastic. Beautiful quilts!!!

Mary said...

Beautiful quilts!