Sunday, July 08, 2018

A Fun Day Out!

Today we went for a drive to Perrault Falls to see there poor barren looking house - locals are shaking their heads at the lack of landscaping and sorry Sylvia and Len had left.  Also their neighbour gave them six willow cuttings that sprout very fast, are lovely shapes and grow fast and full.  Actually the property is back on the market again.  We had lunch at the Whiskey Jack Tavern with other friends and held baby Sophia before nap time.  Then we took the long way home and I got to see the back country instead of just Hwy #1.  Once home we planted the willow cuttings at the back of their property, finished planting the last shrub, finished the landscaping fabric and red mulch plus planted the last of the flowers.  All were watered well and hopefully that's the last of the heavy duty yard work this stay!!!

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