Friday, November 04, 2016

The HERON Con'd!

Ooopsie I forgot to get a picture of the Christmas table runner I sewed Sunday morning!
Then beginning of this week both of us started to build our HERON wall hangings and I put together the water, head and body so far.
Yesterday I went for a walk and thankfully it had warmed up a bit and did 8 kms at 5.4 km/hr and this time headed through town, along the highway a bit, into the cemetery and back.  I also stopped into The Quilting Trunk and ordered the ric rac I need for my fruit pie hot matts.
In the afternoon I helped Sylvia dig up a flower bed, add some new soil and plant the two pots of Chinese Lanterns I picked up in Winnipeg Cdn Tire for her and wrapped up for the winter now.  Can't wait to see them transferred next spring into some large container and set into the back yard as she's planning.
Then I continued with my HERON but so frustrating as the pieces keep lifting up, the fusible is not sticking down, iron maybe too hot.  So will need to reinforce the larger pieces to adhere soon onto the backing.  SHEESH!!!

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