Friday, November 04, 2016

Sylvia's To Do List For Me - Getting Shorter

OH Boy what a day!  We tried to hang Sylvia's lace cafe curtains she sewed but one of the rod packages had TWO left hooks so we made lunch instead.  Then I went down and put together my heron before joining Sylvia in cleaning out the scattered totally covered floor space in the garage - moving items were just dumped etc.  That took just over an hour and items are in their specific areas and some stuff organized and swept out too!!!  Then we cleaned up and headed uptown for some shopping and exchange that curtain rod - this time made sure there were R and L hooks.  Len snoozed through all this so when we got back we teased him that we took a load of his stuff to the dump - he said that was OK - there was too much!  Then when he checked the garage out he wondered if it was HIS!!!  Guess we did good but honest all his stuff is there, just organised into areas.

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