Wednesday, November 09, 2016

I'm Feeling Pumped!

Well I'm back home and so far back into my walking routine but slight hiccups diet wise!  I did go shopping today so hopefully that'll be back on track too.  I also finished burying the loose ends on my tatted snowflakes and washed them - now to see if they need stiffening or OK as is.

Today I goofed on my diabetic nurse appointment so screwed up my afternoon walk time.  But did get great news on my prediabetic condition  -  I'm doing very well without meds and to continue as usual and they'll review my 3 month blood work in two weeks and my Dr will give me hopefully better news yet!!!  She did say that my nutritionist and herself are OK with my results and I don't need a follow-up time but to call if I need too!!!

So when I got home had a very late lunch, a cheese and fake seafood salad then went out for my walk.  Gosh darn 5:00 pm and it was dark but thankful others out on this lovely day.  I cut it short at 6.5 kms at 5.4 km/hr today - was getting hard to see where I was stepping.   Guess I'll stick to mornings or afternoons from now on.