Monday, November 14, 2016

Winter's Coming or maybe Roaring In!!!

Oh no my friend Michelle said we are to get snow this week BUT a blizzard forecast by Global News (check out this link)!!!!  Guess that's what we get for green grass and flowers still blooming mid-November in Manitoba!!!!

I spent a lovely day with Michelle and other walkers on a 7 km tour of Wolesley area and onto Wellington Crescent back to our vehicles.  It was warm enough that I unzipped my jacket but kept my hoodie zipped but we both took off our light gloves.  WOW!!!  This is very unusual for Manitoba at this time.

We've been exceptionally blessed and lucky to have this awesome weather this far into November.  If the weather does get bad I'll switch to mall walking before it opens and outside on milder days maybe with walking sticks for balance.  Don't forget I do LOVE winter just not deep freeze temperatures!!!

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