Friday, November 18, 2016

Brrrr Winter's Coming!

And relaxed now that I'm fed, feet up and enjoying a Ceasar too!  I had some of my leftover meatloaf and the last of the asparagus with sweet Kale salad - not sure what's for dessert yet - maybe an apple later on.
This morning I did some craft stuff, then dressed up a bit more for a walk with Edna from Bruce Park to Rte 90 bridge then back and around the Duck Pond - to ensure I met my daily target of 6.5 km at least - then back to the car.
We then headed to Grant Ave to check out a couple walking/running stores for windpants for me and some heavier pants as Yoga ones aren't doing it for me now!!!  LOL!  BRRRR!!!  Then stopped at Fabricland before dropping off Edna for her supper and I headed to Walmart for one thing and came out with a dozen 😕 - at least all but one was kinda needed or could use!
Now to get some work done and get ready for the Aurora Quilters gathering tomorrow.

A few weeks ago on a walk here we came upon two guys sipping the bark off and cleaning the inside.  Thought there'd be more to see but not!

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