Saturday, November 05, 2016

Another Lovely Day in Dryden!

Sitting here relaxing after another lovely day with Sylvia and Len!  Today I didn't go with them for their daily morning coffee group gathering.  Instead I went for a 7 km walk at 5.2 km/hr on another different route (that truck has still spooked me) and took various pictures.  First is a neat manhole cover by Bell Telephone Co, landscape in the marsh area behind Tim's, and then a doe and fawn jumped across traffic at the start of the overpass and down beside me before they ran off.

Then Sylvia and I washed windows inside and out and some we just should have left dirty!!!  LOL!!!   Shortly after that Len treated us both to the B&B Roadhouse for NY steak sandwiches for cleaning up his garage for him - but he still wished we'd honestly took a load to the dump from there.  LOL!!!  Sylvia doubts that would have been OK!  YUMMY!!!

Tomorrow we've pancake breakfast at the Senior Centre with the coffee group, then store the willow armchairs in the cleaned garage for the winter, hang them cafe curtains now we have the correct hooks and nails AND pack up my stuff and head home!!!  This time I made a list of my stuff in various places so hopefully I won't forget anything this time!  LOL!!!  Soon back to my city walks with friends and Pathfinder instead of alone!

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