Friday, April 13, 2018

Catch Up

WOW Wednesday evening's Winnipeg Jets Stanley Cup Playoffs was exciting.  It seemed to me that I shouldn't have been watching as the Wilds kept coming back to tie it up and whenever I stepped away the Jets scored.   Thank goodness it ended Jets 3 - Wilds 2.  They won with 5 chances on an empty net without scoring!

The Donald St outside whiteout party!

The arena whiteout game party!

Thursday morning I guess Fred was just as disgusted with the whiteout ground cover as I was!  No amount of coaxing would convince him to finish his breakfast.  Oh well that's a first in what 2 weeks?  Thankfully the fresh snow was gone by supper.

So here's two of my friends over today after a walk around Assiniboine Forest maybe 8+ km and picking up an awesome supper at The Greek Market on Corydon and Niagara.  My friends love Taunya's place and her boys too!

Well it wasn' a late night as I had an early wakeup and had to ensure the dogs were fed before leaving.

See I was headed to Sand Hills Casino with Mary on a bus trip.  It was awesome being greeted with songs by Tom Jones and Elvis.  Yeppers I'm here with Mary once again and hopefully a good time ahead of us.  OK I started out with $70 ($5 for bus bingo) and took another $20 ($5 for bus bingo again).  I cashed in $82.50 in collected tickets plus $2.85 I used in the gift shop from my points I would have lost if not back in a year.  For a total of $85.35 from $90 and a chance to win at bingo yet.  We did get some free play monies plus an awesome free lunch buffet!  Not bad entertainment for the day.  HEY I won $10 at bingo so now $95.35 in winnings so $5.35 to the good in gambling.

So not bad for a day from 7:45 am pick up and returned back to the dogs 6:30 pm.  Naturally they got fed first, then me and downstairs to watch Game 2 of the Jets-Wilds series!

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