Monday, November 02, 2015

Finally Rogers Wireless Mess Is Fixed!!!


OK I switched from MTS Wireless to Rogers Wireless in June/July and before I left for Australia/NZ I tried to establish them as a payee on my bank account - no dicerooie!!! Even tried to pay at Shoppers Drug Mart and same - account number incorrect!!!  WELL each time I talked to Rogers about this they "blamed" my bank as it was their problem with their system, not Rogers.  So on the last day, on the way to the airport, I gave up and prepaid a set amount and went on vacation hoping it would be resolved upon my return.  They wanted me to sign up for automatic CC payments - NO WAY!!!

NOPE, NADA, NOSIREE!!!  Again upon return, passing the blame onto my bank, was on hold for an extended period of time until I had this thought that Rogers should give me a new account number instead.  So when Ruby came back on line and before I could ask her, she suggested they'd do this and see if it would work.  Someone would call me back with the new number.  Well that was the 28th and no call back so I called again tonight.

Aaron mentioned that Ruby tried but it failed so he tried to set up a new account number but it would not switch over my services, so he too suggested a Rogers App payment process and I said no.  I've no problems with my bank and payees and that's the system I want fixed with Rogers.  So he tried again and this time in a roundabout way he says the system accepted the new number and my services should be switched over - they better be.

WELL so much for Rogers saying it's the bank's problem in their system as VOILA I now have Rogers Wireless as a payee on the first attempt.  SHEESH!!!  I truly want to go back (but won't as they'd have another excuse ready I'm sure) to all those service techs and demand an apology for them suggesting I did not know how to enter a correct number!!! GRRRRRR!!!

OK one problem fixed, now to work on my fractured thumb, vandalized van, and the mess on reinstating my SHAW phone/internet account to the rates I was paying before the account hold (switched me to regular rates when I came back on - GRRRR).  Sometimes going on vacation is more hassle than planning the vacation!!!

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