Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A New Zealand Surprise!

After taking a break when I got back home, I started checking my email and was totally blown away with one.  It was from my friend Sandra in Christchurch where I spent five lovely days recently, Oct. 1st-6th, with Sandra and her Mom visiting and touring, even taking in Sandra's guild's quilt show.  That's where I had bought this lovely 12" green challenge wall hanging. 
Here's the gist of it.
Hi Rose Anne!!!!
###### CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! You have won first prize in the quilt raffle, see attached photos"

When I was at the show I told Sandra that I hoped I'd win this next quilt and she said it was not the "first prize", but I did not mind.  This chevron pattern is so striking in these bright colours.  Hmmmm, in my files this is rotated with the light at the top but when uploaded here it's sideways, wonder why?

Well never mind which I may have liked more, I'm so pleased that I won this quilt and after the Christmas rush I'll arrange to have it sent to me and hope it arrives safe and sound.  In the meantime, I mentioned that her Mom enjoy it on her bed!  (smiling)

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