Saturday, June 08, 2019

Catchup - Thursday to Saturday


If you've a chance this weekend take a ride to Transcona and stop into Monica shop, maybe you'll find that special toy, craft, puzzle etc AND if you enter the draw, maybe be lucky to win one of the prizes on display in her window! My Canada 'Strong' Accent Pillow is one of the prizes!


Oooohhhhh I could really get used to breakfasts on the balcony!!!!! 💖  Ohhhhh slight cloud cover and the breeze and I'm in seventh heaven out here!!!! 

🌞😎🤭🙉😅😦 Its awesome out there! Watched three large strollers with daycare children out for a stroll, again city workers planting the flower bed and the breeze just lovely!  But all this was disturbed first with diesel delivery trucks taking turns at Carnaval, a noisy lawn mower across in the park, but I was dealing with that until the window washers moved onto the south side and the wind kept spraying me with water drops!  I gave up and came inside! 🤣

How very very true! I remember those early years! And no recording possibilities at all then! You missed it that's just OH WELL!!!


Thank you Linda and Patrick for these tickets. I've never been here before. 

It's intermission and out to get my forgotten sweater and stretch my legs.  There are a few performances that I'm in AWE of their dances, endurances and athletic ability.  Some my body just aches for them!

Update!  This picture of the six female dancers were awesome even if I'm not one for contemporary dance.  Then when we came out when ended there was food, free wine and coolers and music!  WOW, WOW, WOW!!!  Just a lovely evening to enjoy with Angela!!!


Yeah no sun and no heat, its gorgeous out on the balcony!  Even Hamish thinks so!  Hey!  I just realized it's spitting out and on the balcony I'm still dry and comfy!  Sitting here reading and drinking coffee!

Hamish has totally refused his mixed food this morning, with food enhance meds, first time, so after 4 hours I dumped it and  gave him fresh Whiskas.  All gone!!!

Well I was to go on an 8 km walk this morning at Victoria Beach but I cancelled and relaxing instead.  Might meet friends in the exchange later or might not!

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