Monday, February 20, 2017

Festival du Voyageur - 3 days

Saturday evening enjoying atmosphere too much me thinks with Janice!!!!

Janice and I finished off the evening trying to walk across the frozen pathways to check out other ⛺s but the line ups were long for the good entertainment so we headed to the 🔥 pit to warm up.  Then watched a flame thrower trying to perform on icy ground and losing his flaming baton a few time when losing his balance.  We ended the 🌃 in the ice bar ⛺ where the minor entertainers were and it was actually better 🎵 than the last two paid bands were in the MTS ⛺!!!!!!


Sunday evening listening to Sweet Alibi at the Cabana du Sucre!!!  Hot chocolate and cinnamon twists for snack after my meatloaf sandwich and carrot sticks I brought for both of us.

Monday afternoon here with Edna and Janice waiting for Sierra Nobel to perform.  Right now are some jigging performers and lively🎵.

At home relaxing but happy after an afternoon again  at Festival du Voyageur with Edna and Janice BUT my camera lost power after the chainsaw carvings and before I was finished taking pictures thus the late upload.  So naturally I don't have pics of the awesome Ca Claque! Irish performers from here in Winnipeg and the Nova Scotia's Danny Boudreau Party band - both just awesome lively music!  They were great but maybe I'll go back Saturday and get in to see the dancers again?   We finished off the visit with a glass of spiced cider without liquor!  Awesome!

This is the first year I remember that temperatures were above 0C and one of the tents was flooded and had to be moved into the parking lot and the ice sculptures were a wreck and crumbling.  So sad for visitors to the event plus all the hard work and talents wasted!!!

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