Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Feeling Bummed!

OK enough trying to tat a smaller than 1 inch heart!  The larger one is with size 30 is W 1.5 x H 1.25 inches and then the red I thought was size 50 but now I think it must be 80 as it came out of that bag is W 1 and 1/8th x H 1 inches.  Then the pink is size 75 and just a smidgen bigger than the red one.  I'll probably go with the red one but not anchor to the edges then I can still embroider the grid when the year of stitching is over!

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muskaan said...

If you like the pattern, then my Block Heart measures only 3/4"×3/4" in size 20 thread. The pattern can be downloaded from my Feb 10th post on my blog.