Wednesday, February 08, 2017

It's Cool Finally!!!

Well I've had my windows open since Jan 22nd when I came home from the quilt retreat and it was in the 30s in my apartment.   I overheard the caretaker talking to another renter about the boiler on the fritz and it's been called in.  This week I even emailed the owners asking when this would be fixed as I was having headaches again.  Well today I've not had the fan on and been closing windows gradually and it's getting downright cool in here.  Betty just called to say the compressor has been fixed and heat should be normal.  Well in the last two hours I'd agree as it feels like the  normal drafty windows and floor is cooler.  Guess I better turn the thermostat to normal again so it's comfortable.   Hopefully I'll have a good sleep tonight!!!  That was my Mexico vacation at home!!!

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