Saturday, February 25, 2017

Feeling Emotional!

This day started off being stuffed up, then on my way out to Susan's studio I got lost.  A quick call and back on the road again but then another light came on my dash about 10 minutes from her place and as I'm entering her driveway I've a flat tire.  So not only am I half hr late for my class I've also got to call CAA for help.  Well he was there promptly and tire patched and back to my class real quick.  The only thing is my feet flew out from under me and flat on my back under my opened door.  SHEESH!!!  Then he tried helping me up and had to grab the door or he'd have fallen too.  I'm not sore yet and lucky I didn't hit my head!  Ok back to my class and boy I sure tried things I've not done before.  Started out selecting my raw edge strips onto fusible interfacing and sandwiching ready for free motion quilting - Yikes!   Then used paint sticks and coloured the canvass for backing and at first real nervous and blended too much so after lunch we added more colour again and this time happier.  Next I did some different designs for quilting and just went with it - not bad!  Then chose the maple leaf shape I drew and appliqued it onto the quilted strips then the fun and games began.   Sewed facings on and fused to the back, then decided where I wanted it on my canvass and sewed it in place with a varied zig zag.  Then Susan stapled it onto the painters canvas and VOILA!!!  I like it very much and now want to do a poppy next.

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