Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Heavenly Beauties

Sorry, that I've no pics as yet to show you how heavenly I think my stained glass angels postcards really are. That will come soon I promise.

Well all I had to do was sandwich the pieces then satin stitch around the outer edges but I had a slight delimma. See I really did not want to use the fancy rayon thread around the outer edges so was debating on whether to use the blue that matched the background, a darker blue or just white to pick up the angel pieces. Well I decided to experiment with my "keepsake" postcard and used the white on the top and the cream to match the backsides - I liked the effect - so I've now completed all the stitching and just have to bury my thread ends and they are READY FOR MAILING!!! WOW like two weeks plus early!!! That definitely is a first for Rose Anne! LOL!

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