Thursday, November 02, 2006

Why Oh Why!

Do I do this to myself???? Yep I joined up with another "smaller" postcard group and was going to lurk - well that lasted I'd say a day until my friend Linda M (co-owner of Postcard Cottage) uploaded a swap topic I could not resist.

OMGG Linda what have you done to me this time!!!! Here instead of going to Sears and Michaels for things or sewing my Christmas pressies I started, there I spent a good hour and a half and drafted up "three" not just one of my ideas for my new postcards! SHEESH! AND I really like two of these ideas so which to choose as I'm (and that's just me!) very adamant on keeping all the same for everyone in the swap. Okay, I'll check my emails, post this message and then head out the door as I really need boots for all this snow and cold. If you want to see the snow that fell this week check out Linda M's message and pics.

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Quilting Diva said...

hehehe! Looking forward to seeing your cards Rose Anne.