Sunday, November 05, 2006

Another good day!

9:30 pm update

Well it was an early night for me in regards to house sitting, as after I picked up Byran from his football pool party windup at 7:00 pm - he looked totally exhausted - along with his trophy and photos package we went back to their house. I had to bribe him to have a shower with "more" TV time before bed and while he was taking it Mom and Dad arrived! Good thing Byran was occupied as Belle then got undivided attention and cookies - poor thing as if she didn't get any all weekend!!!! Talk about one very happy boy to see Dad coming around the door to his room! So I was home by 8:00 and able to catch up on my emails etc.

And Byran is game for another outing to Fort Whyte whenever I have an afternoon free! He sure loves walking around that place and it's only a nature park and the animals skedaddle fast not like at the zoo. But heck we did see two handsome bucks and probably 7 foes and 4 youngsters along with many geese and a woodpecker too! He wished I had my camera so I promised next time for sure. LOL!


1:39 pm original post

WOW, I can't believe it Amanda stayed home (in her room but that's okay) and Byran and Belle both behaved and I got a good night's sleep! YAHOOIE!

And now lunch (joint effort with Amanda before she headed to work), pots and pans done - rest in dishwasher, towels and sheets in the wash and Byran out walking Belle for some exercise. YEP I'm off duty for a half hour or so !

I've been stitching up some quilt blocks to add to a couple of donationa quilts that my sister will be quilting up from the both of us. Guess I should put together the labels soon too. Sheesh it's been busy at least in one of my Yahoo groups but most are just about lifeless! Wonder what gives?


abeautifulcraft said...

hehehe I had a giggle reading about your house sitting and needing sleep so badly. You are more than welcome to come house/baby sit here 'anytime' ..... there is only 3 kiddies, 1 sheep, 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 budgies and a sparrow to care for. Hugs

abeautifulcraft said...

P.S They are all well behaved!! HINT HINT