Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Orchid is in SPIKE!!!

OH MY, OH MY, it's been a while since I've had an orchid in bloom, especially a phaleonopsis!!! And talk about perfect timing to perk up this silly blue person!

This is one of the old faithfuls and I was debating if it ever was going to bloom again or should I give up on it! Well guess it proved me wrong! Now hopefully I'll see the blooms too! Yes, I'll keep you posted on the spikes progress and when it finally blooms I'll naturally post the pic too!

Dtps. Memoria James McPherson
Canyon Mist X Alice Loeb

Well I've finally gotten another postcard swap mailed (a few days late - sorry no pic as yet) and ideas clammering for another two swaps so guess I better get a move on and get them started so I can work on my long awaited for Chain of Hearts in the new year, especially when I just purchased a nice colour selection of EdMar rayon threads at 30% off. I've also a friend's crazy patch 12.5" block to finish embellishing hopefully for Christmas - guess I better get moving on that one! Apparently mine is coming along very well and should be posted soon - YIKES!!!

Oh and my Hardanger Christmas ornaments are coming along very nicely and tonight I think I learn a few more new stitches and some finishing too. Also my Hardanger Angel problem has been solved and it looks not bad since we changed the stitches and dropped the picots!!! Gosh they gave my grief and I hear others too, so now I don't feel too badly! Yep will post pics once completed.


Quilting Diva said...

Picots.. sounds like spots or dots to me LOL. Glad you're getting a lot of projects out of the way. Ditto here... Been working really hard on getting my xmas pressies out.

Nina In Norway said...

I am so happy for you! Keep it up and everything will will go your way in the end, and we will be able to see pictures of orchids, postcard and Hardanger ornaments. I’m looking forward to this.
(I got several orchids with flowers and/or spikes for second or third time. Other plants don’t seams to survive in my home.)