Saturday, December 30, 2006

Christmas and CQ pics

Howdy and gosh it looks a lot like Christmas out there!!! I worked 6 hours today and came out to 2" of heavy wet snow on my car and everywhere! Talk about a skating rink on the roads too. Good thing I'm staying put tomorrow and probably Monday too.

Okay here are some of the family pics from Christmas. Here are the "three kitchenteers" as they are always in charge of whatever family function being put together with Elsie (in red)tossing orders left, right and centre to the rest of us.

And here are a few of the BILs, naturally sitting and waiting for the food!

And here's dear Dad in his rearranged LR with the borrowed banquet table semi-set - waiting too!

Carollers have arrived! Elsie's son and his family arrived after supper for a visit and also sang a Christmas carol for "Gigi" - that sure brought smiles to everyone's faces!

And here is a 12.5" cq'd block I've received (Dec. 22nd) from my dear friend "dragonfly" - basically a private swap planned like two years ago and she's beat me to finish too! I'm very pleased with the gift!

And here is my block for "dragonfly", but it's not finished yet!!! I've still some more embellishing to go yet, but hope to get it finished and off to her in the near future. You can't see my spider web or the fancy purple beaded spider just to the left of the Abalone Angel. Hope to get another better picture or the block when finished.

Okay, back to my chair and relax as I'm beat or maybe coming down with something!

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