Saturday, December 02, 2006

New Pics

Okay, a big thank you to Linda M for taking my pics for me! I really appreciate it.

Well here is my Hardanger Angel ornament that I had lots of problems with and had to ditch the first attempt as I messed up on my Klosters. This second one turned out great except for those dratted picots which a fellow classmate told me to skip totally and also there was to be a kloster star flower in the centre but the instructions were not clear so she suggested I stick to the stitches I had just learnt. Yep, it looks lovely! Hope it's new owner loves her too!

Here are all my CQ Friends Holiday Postcards I've received - thank you so very very much ladies for such wonderful embroidered items:

from Sandie W, Australia, rec'd Nov. 15/06

from Maureen B, Australie, rec'd Nov. 16/06

from Julia C, Australia, rec'd Nov. 16/06

from Maureen C, Australia, rec'd Nov. 23/06

from Katie B, USA, rec'd Nov. 30/06

And here is what I sent out to Sandie W, Ulla F, Margaret P, Julia C, and Maureen C (pic from Sandie W):

Okay, guess I'll save this before I loose it and have to start all over again!

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May Britt said...

Your angel is so beautiful. I have showed my niece this pattern. she is so clever with hardanger and I have told her I want one like this for next christmas.
How fun the postcard is. I'll have to see if I manage to make some and send.