Sunday, December 17, 2006

Aurora Christmas

Oh yes, I also "ditto" someone's asking to have the Christmas gatherings in the future at the church rather than a restaurant. Gosh we had so much food we could have fed another dozen easily, never mind the dessertssssss (and I was not up to cooking this time) and Linda did not think two chickens would be enough for us all. And to boot all the freedom to shout across or down the table (at times it got quite rowdy - me included), get up and visit, stitch if we wanted to, have an awesome show and tell and to play games too, without trying to keep the noise level down. Also not having others not in our group sometimes letting us know they did not care for our comaraderie (in a restaurant). So Thank You very much to everyone for such a lovely dinner and naturally all your smiling faces and so very sorry that some of you were under the weather or working or other commitments and could not meet with us. Maybe another year! Take Care and a Merry Christmas to all!

And I can tell you I was VERY VERY VERY glad I had booked off the whole day as I sure needed it. Not cause I was so tired like Judith (poor gal) from all the comings and goings, but more like the last unload of dishes out of that !@#$% commercial dishwasher did me in! This is telling how much it hurt, I couldn't even scream or cry or stomp my feet to commisserate my pain, I just gritted my teeth, finished up and left to cry at home. I know it was stupid to rush but I felt that the gals were waiting for me to finish up to lock the doors as I honestly am paranoid about leaving it opened or not locked properly. See I had left the dishwasher door down and the tray out instead of hauling it up and closing the door and then emptying the tray! Nooooooo, Rose Anne thought she can just work around the door and empty as is - well I missed the corner and clipped the inner top calf inside my left knee on the very very sharp corner, didn't cut my pants (how I don't know), but have this white/red () where it connected and now a massive blue purple bruise surrounding the mark.

My Chiro on Tuesday is just gonna shake his head with these incidents. LOL! Yeah I can chuckle now but yesterday I just about lost my lovely dinner from the pain. I'd take a picture of it but don't feel like shaving my legs so you're spared that at least. Sheesh first my shoulder was black, blue and swollen for a good week (slipping off a step stool at work backwards into the desk) and now my knee is bruised and swollen! I don't even think bubble wrap would have helped on this one girls - it probably would have burst to boot!!!

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Quilting Diva said...

we have those chickens every week and we're 3 on a chicken, they're like 1 kg with bones LOL. Two brests and two legs. It's hard to believe that 20 people ate on 4 legs and 4 breasts. LOL. Glad you all had enough.