Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I gave up!

Well I was trying to change the "mug shot" to a nicer angled view retaken the other night and BLOGGER just would not cooperate! I hate that - I've limited evening time for whatever and computer aggravations I don't need! So I deleted that side view and am hoping I can upload the new one in this message.

And I can't believe it but only three people have noticed my new glasses! Guess there isn't much of a change after all. LOL!


abeautifulcraft said...

Glasses suit you Rose Anne, they look great! I have a new set of glasses too, though never worn them before. My eyesight is fine, my focus point on one eye was out (probably all those years spent going cross eyed at my brothers! LOL) It takes a bit to get used to them, but I don't get headaches no more! The miniature quilt is really nice ..

Vivienne said...

Hi Rose Anne, Your blog came up straight away - lovely too! It is very interesting to ready about how c-quilters in other parts of the world live and spend there time. Loved your blog, well done!
from Viv in Perth, W.Australia

Vivienne said...

Sorry meant to say 'their' time.